The purpose of the 8th International Conference of the IMS-RASMB is to strengthen the importance of musical and cultural interactions among the countries of the South-East European Region.

Based on the topic Musical Cultures and Diasporas in the Balkans, the conference aims to develop further the already successfully established scientific and cultural dialogues among musicologists primarily from the Balkans, but also from other geographical areas.

The 8th International Conference of the IMS-RASMB will bring a major contribution to the mapping of musical cultures and diasporas, both on diachronic and synchronic levels. It could foster the formulation of innovative approaches and promote the interaction, research, discussion and intercultural dialogue among musicologists with an interest in the diverse thematic axes of the conference, emphasising concepts and parameters such as recordings, memories and projections in musical cultures and diasporas, traditions and diversities, new trends through mobility, analytical innovations of the different musical cultures and  musical avant-garde in the Mediterranean, Balkans and broader South-East European Region.




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